Summertime Thoughts
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Make it a Safe One
Your dog needs to become accustomed to climate
changes naturally and gradually, the way animals adapt
in the wild.

Schedule long walks for the coolest time of the day but
spend a few minutes outdoors during warmer hours, too.
Unless your climate is dangerously hot, your dog can be
comfortable for short periods.
Preventing Heat Stress in Your Dog.  click on picture
How to keep your dog safe during walks in the evening.
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Dogs secrete sweat. Unlike humans, who sweat from
many parts of the body, dogs only sweat from two main
areas: their nose and their paw pads. Sweating through
the paw pads is one way, but it hardly seems like
enough. How else does a dog’s body stay cool?
Ever notice after major exercise or on a really hot day,
your dog pants really heavily and his tongue about falls
out of his mouth? That’s how his body is cooling off.
Dogs pant as a way to increase air circulation through
the nasal passages in their face, which in turn cools off
their body.
Early morning outings are best if you’re in the city, as
pavement has had a chance to cool off. If the
temperature is 90 degrees or above, the pavement will
scald your dog’s paws. Ouch.

Not only do these boots keep your dog’s paws from
touching the scorching ground, but they also deflect
heat. The breathable mesh upper lets your dog’s paws
breath so the sweat doesn’t leaving them smelling like

A dogs pads are not shoes!
When it’s warm out, it’s best to give your dog access to
cooler spaces. This means your climate-controlled house,
cool tile to lay on, and shade if they must be outdoors. If
you don’t, they may seek out cool space themselves, like
freshly-dug dirt or a mud puddle. Don’t forget plenty of
water as well.
In a dog’s body, the blood vessels are close to the skin.
This means that pouring cool water over a hot dog will
help cool him from the inside out. (Make sure it’s not
cold water, which can cause the blood vessels to restrict
and decrease the  effectiveness of your attempts to cool
him off.) Don’t want to wander around with a wet dog?
Soak a bandanna in water and tie it around his neck.
The major blood vessels in his neck will cool off and
carry that coolness to the rest of the body.
Great for pet recreational activities such as playing on
the beach, going hunting, or boating. Each dog life vest
wraps around the chest and provides a little extra float
to help keep the dog's back up for leverage while
swimming.  Even if you dog can swim,  there are several
additional reasons to use one.  If your dogs life jacket is
a bright color it will help you to see your dog much
easier.  Lots of life jackets have a handle that is easy to
use to help your dog into the boat, your guide him to
Many hot dogs enjoy curling up with a nice cold ice
pack. A frozen plastic water bottle stays cool for
hours. Dogs who use frozen water bottles as pillows
cool down quickly, since blood circulates close to the
surface at the neck and throat.
“Most wild canines do not venture forth in the hottest part of the day. They seek cool spots in the
earth or under vegetation until the sun goes down. It’s wonderful that so many products are being
developed to help working dogs in adverse conditions, but where pets are concerned, keeping them
cool involves a certain amount of common sense.

Why drag a dog out into the heat unless it’s to go for a swim or a wade?”
Don't forget the sunscreen.
Some breeds with short or thin hair may need extra
protection from the sun.
Keeping your dog  hydrated is especially important.  Be
sure to have a water bottle for your best friend.  

Cold water !!!

Ice cubes are a nice change and fun to play with!