I'd like to help put your mind at ease about shipping but I understand that
experience that everything goes pretty much like clock work and works well.  Here
hours before their flight, due to possible weather restrictions, either hot or cold.  I
will have a pretty good idea of which flight your pup will take before that, but will
not be able to confirm until we have the actual reservation.  I will then fill out a
GREAT form I made, with all the information you will need (and more) and
email it to you.  We include the airline, flight number and arrival time, air-bill even
what to bring with you in the car.  You will also receive directions as to where you
will be picking up the puppy.  It is usually the United Pet Safe building.

We only choose from direct or nonstop flights with the hope of lessening the risks
of delays or serious mistakes.  An important consideration is always, how the
weather will affect the puppy when it’s being transported to and from the airport
or cargo building.

We can ship to major airports only, however there are many International airports
that take the Commuter or Express type planes.  Animals are NOT usually
allowed on Commuter/Express planes as they are not equipped with a pressurized,
temperature controlled compartment for live animals.

We have found that the employees in the cargo areas with most airlines, love to
have us come in with animals.  They all come hoping to hold a puppy and ask
questions, its great socialization.  They even call other employees on the phone to
come and see the puppy.

We are required to be there 2 hours early, as with humans.  They allow us to take
the puppy back out of the crate after check-in and let us stay with them another
hour or so.  So we walk them until they are exhausted and let them go potty, give
them water.  Of course, we are hoping they will sleep all the way to their new

The puppies seem to take all the excitement in stride
but are very ready for some great hugs as soon as
they get out of the crate.

Things to take with you to the airport:

Identification w/photo (driver’s license)
Water and Bowl              
Collar and Leash                
Wet Towels or Puppy Wipes   
Plastic bags (clean up)
Dry Towels

Your pup will have ice cubes melting in a water bowl in the crate, so he will have
had water, but will probably love a good drink ASAP.  Your pup will not eat a
full meal before his/her flight so he/she may or may not be hungry when you get
home.  Some puppies may be a little unsure of all the new surroundings and not
eat a meal or two, it’s OK, they’ll make up for it soon, I promise!

Please put his/her collar and leash on right away, puppy may be excited to get out
of the crate and may try to squiggle out the door.  Should your pup get loose, stay
calm, kneel down and say “puppy, puppy, puppy” in a quick, high, happy voice
while clapping your hands, your puppy has been trained to come to this
command and should turn around and come toward you.

During your potty stops, it’s fun to break open the food bag that is taped to the
carrier and hand feed some treats.  Puppy will love you for that!!  Nice bonding
moments!!  Try not to stop at a “dog” designated area where there may be/have
been stray or uncared for animals.  It is possible there may be contagious parasites
or diseases that your new puppy’s immune system is not ready to do battle with.

There will be paperwork for you, taped to the outside of the kennel.  It contains a
Puppy Pack with lots of good info and your puppy’s medical records to take with
you to the Vet.  

Please feel free to call or email with any questions you might have ~ anytime.

We ship in the United States using well respected airlines.  
Direct flights are chosen as to avoid layovers and lengthening the pup’s flight time.  
Shipping requires special attention to detail.  
For the dogs safety there are government and airline requirements and policies.  
We take care of all the arrangements for you.

All carriers are marked LIVE ANIMAL with instructions for watering and feeding.   

We will email all needed information to pickup your puppy,
including suggestions of what to take with you to the airport,
directions to the selected airport and flight details.
Flight reservations are made within hours of the flight due to weather restrictions.


We make trips to O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago, IL. on Sundays.  
Please understand that we are not able to be flexible with the days as the trip to O'Hare is a
minimum of a 6 hour journey for us and that is a long time to be away from puppies at home.

Charges for shipping a puppy?

The buyer will pay actual cost ~
**airline shipping cost/ticket ($270-$300)
**carrier/crate (usually $45)
**Health Certificate to fly (required for safety of pup)($25)

Total shipping costs are approximately $325. -
Ticket amounts are determined by the weight of the pup and the carrier size
NOT by the distance they travel.
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