Zoya Mishka came to us all the way from Russia.  
She quickly wove her way into our hearts and lives
when she was still tiny.
We found out that Mishka's hips were not properly
formed.  Though she will never have puppies, she
still has a very important roll in our breeding
program.  One of the ways Mishka helps us is by
being a "puppy raiser" on a daily basis.  What an
amazing patient girl.  When babies are weaning
from their mom ~~~Mishka becomes "the Nanny"  
She is gifted with many other talents that play a part
in all of our lives.  Every puppy learns what is too
rough while playing or even how to search for
treasures.  If we have a puppy crying in the night ~
we just call on the "nanny" and she happily takes
over.  It's a wonderful way for a puppy to begin
socializing with other dogs besides mom.

Just watching her work is Good for the Soul.
Thank you Mishka for loving ALL of us...
Zoya's Golden Journey
~ - ~ - ~ - ~
“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.
Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination."