Keeping in Touch
2012 ~ 2014

You can't imagine how many times I've thought of writing you over the years and I never stopped to do it.  I'm so sorry.  
Today is Marley and Bailey's 4th birthday (1-8-09)!  We purchased Marley (Lime) on Saturday, March 28, 2009 and, if I remember right on Sunday, April 5 we met the
two of you at a McDonalds on 31 in Rochester and picked up Bailey (Burgundy).  

The two of them are spoiled rotten to the core!  They are the most loved, healthy and happy boys ever!  And Mark, Bailey still thinks  He demands attention all the
time.  Marley, he's laid back.  Doesn't bark a lot.  Only time Marley has something to say is when he wants in.  Bailey, on the other hand, when outside, has a lot to
say lol!  These two have brought so much joy, laughter and love into our lives.  I'd honestly be lost without them.  My boys say that there is actually more pictures of
Marley and Bailey on my phone then of them!  They are right!  

Even though Marley and Bailey are brothers, there personalities are so very different. Much like people siblings. When we take the boys for a walk, Marley does carry
his leash in his mouth!  OMG!  It's so funny! People even stop us to tell us how cute his is lol!  When we brought Bailey home, Marley was so happy. They are the best
of friends. One never goes outside without the other one. They are inseparable.  Yes Marley is Josh's dog and Bailey is Jeremy's dog but we all know who's dogs they
really are :) MINE! Lol! Wherever I am in the house, they are with me :)

I'm sending some pictures of them.  The last two pictures were just taken tonight.  The one with Josh (my 15 year old) was taken this year and the one of Marley on
the loveseat was taken about the second week in December. The first picture is Joshua laying on the kitchen floor with his head on Marley and Bailey on the left.  
Bailey is lighter and smaller than Marley.  One is a picture of Marley laying on the loveseat.  One of Bailey chewing on his candy cane tonight!  My eldest, Matthew
(he's 22), bought candy canes for a Christmas present for them.  They were a lot smaller than the ones in the picture.  They enjoyed them so much that Matthew went
out the day after Christmas and bought the much bigger ones!   They were on sale/clearance.  I decided to give them there candy canes tonight for there birthday :)  I
took them away after awhile (to save them for another day) or they would have made a meal out of them :)  

Truly Laura, I can't thank you and Mark enough. These two boys have brought so much love, happiness, joy and laughter into our lives.  I'd be lost without them. We
all would. I will try to keep in touch better. I love taking about my boys. Even my three (Matthew, Joshua and Jeremy) two legged boys lol!
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for these two!  

Take care!
Hi Mark and Laura...

She has adjusted very well to her new home and new surroundings.  She loves going for car rides...especially when she knows we are going
to pick up the kids from school.  Her favorite game is tug-of-war.  She will play fetch on her terms with one ball in particular.  She can be
a little stubborn at times and pretend like she doesn't sitting, staying and laying down when asked.  She only chews on her toys...we have
not lost a single shoe, sock Wanted to send you an update on Zoey Mae...what a blessing she has been to our family!!!  We love her so much.
etc.  I truly believe she is the most brilliant beautiful dog ever!!!  :-)    Hope all is well with you and your
Trish  2012

I thought that you would like to see Dutch.   
We really love him, he is such a good puppy.

Deb      2012
Had to send you this one, just so
happy with our little girl.  She is
holding her own w Tiggie &
Maggie, so mellow and crazy at the
same time, while growing like a
weed every day.  Yesterday she
grew some serious legs overnight.  
We would like to know how her
"yellow" sister & blue Max are

Wishing you a wonderful
Christmas & Happy New Year!

I just wanted to let you know that we still think Rudy is just about one of the best puppies we've ever had! He sure has He needs to learn that counter
surfing is illegal in our house after eating a whole stick of butter. Miraculously it didn't affect him a bit.
He graduated from puppy K and we'll continue with basic training just because it's so much fun! He was also neutered last week and he wasn't affected
at all. I thought maybe it would slow him down a little....

me as fast as he can. Dutch is a great big brother too.
We live in paradise up North at Glen Lake. I hope when Dutch is no longer with us, I can get another one of your beautiful pups!

Here are some current pictures :)

Thanks again for such a wonderful dog,
and being such great responsible breeders.

Blessings always,  Jan and Bob  2013
Hi Laura, this is so past due it's ridiculous, but I just wanted to let you know the puppy you so carefully selected for us (after 2 hours on the
phone, over 2 years ago), has been the "perfect" pooch for us!  He was born to your Amber on July 13, 2010
and from the start has been the
most gentle, loving, mellow, easy boy we had hoped for.  We speak and refer you often for your amazing ability to match our desires
with one of your little pups. I've attached a couple of photos just for fun.  He is happy, healthy, gets lots of exercise, love & time with other dogs.  
I hope you and your family are doing well, take care, and again,
my husband & I and 4 kids thank you for our Buck!              Cheryl and Jim   2013

Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for our
beautiful puppy.
Charlie is the best possible puppy we could ever ask
for.   He's so sweet, smart and a lovable puppy.
Everyone says what a good looking puppy he is and they
could tell he came from a loving place.
Thank you again and you were right he was definitely
worth waiting for.

Thank you again,   Cynthia
Dear Laura and Mark,

I've composed letters almost daily in my mind, but I've just found a few moments to write one down...WE LOVE OUR DOGS!!!  Thank you for love, but has a very "puppy"
curiosity- last to listen, first to roll over and lounge when called to come!  Otis is quick to the call, loyal, and strappingly handsome.  At our second vet visit, Donovan weighs in
at 29 (!) pounds, Otis at 40!!! Both look terrific and got A+ from doc.

Compliments fly our way- we have two beautiful, loving, happy, obedient pups.  We know it's because of you.
Thank you,
Well, my boy just turned one year old last week! What a character he has turned out to be! I think the words I would
use to describe him are naughty, smart, ENERGETIC and very affectionate.  He is such a delight. He graduated from
puppy class and basic obedience too.
He's so strong that I had to resort to a "Gentle Leader" collar,

Really, he's just adorable. Still naughty at times, but we love him.
Thanks again for such a great dog!

Jan 2013

She has brought so much joy into our lives.  Everyone who has met her comments that she's the cutest little puppy in the world, and I agree.  She has such a calm and
easy-going temperament, and she's the ideal companion for Leo, my 6 1/2 year old Golden Lab Cross.  I am so happy with how well they get along, the second I come home
and they're out of their crates they race to go play with each other...tug of war and wrestling are their two favorite games.  Although sometimes they're down with a game of
fetch, although Isabella usually loses interest quickly as Leo usually beats her to the ball.  I've attached a few pictures to this email, and I'll sure to send some more in a few
months.  It's amazing how fast they grow...she's doubled in size in the month since she's come to join our family.  Thank you again for such a positive experience, and most
importantly for such a wonderful dog.

Regards, Adrienne

We spent a lot of time researching until we decided on a retriever and then purchased Harley.  He's turned out to be everything we
hoped for.

Harley never leaves our side when we're outside the fenced in yard.  We go for walks out in the woods and he'll never go more than
25 feet in front of us.  He listens to every command.  I've never had a dog like him.  He loves playing catch and although he does not
like going in the big pool, we purchased a small plastic kids pool and he'll lay in the kids pool filled with water and just watch the
family swim. He is starting to find joy in waiting until we're dried off and then getting out of his pool and shaking next to us.   Although
we started out crate training, within the last couple of months he prefers to sleep under the kitchen table.  He adores Tyler and the
two are constantly playing together.  It's funny to see how Harley is developing that internal clock.  He'll sleep most of the midday and
then will suddenly start prancing around the kitchen.  It never fails that it's at that time we're suppose to go pick up Tyler at School.  
Harley MUST come with to drop and pick up Tyler or I return home and have to deal with dirty looks from a dog.   As you can see,
he's growing up.

Hope you enjoy,
Mike and Debbie 2013
We just wanted to share a few photos from Scout's first year with us. We celebrated her first
birthday just coat and broad chest. Her temperament has continued to be calm, loving, and eager
to please. She is so lake cabin this summer. We couldn't keep her from swimming! She loved the
lake time. We welcomed our daughter, in May and she was been wonderful with her as well.
Bottom line, we are so pleased with her and she is definitely a family member who is loved and

The E family 2013
Mark and Laura,
Just a quick note to let you know how one of your puppies is doing. This is Tawneys Orange and we named her Payton.   She is doing great!!  She is
getting bigger all the time and seems to be very happy in our home.  All is well and everyone in our family loves her.  She's a great dog!  Thanks for
making this great adoption to our family possible.  We hope you had a great holiday season.
Take care,  Joe     2014
I thought I'd let you know how Bray is doing.  He's adapting great to family life here and is thriving.  
He's up to 46 pounds and will be neutered next week.  He loves walks and car rides and roughhousing
with the kids.  I've attached 2 pictures to show you how big he's gotten; we've never seen a dog sleep on
his back with legs splayed out the way he does.  He's very relaxed, that's for sure.  We have to admit to
spoiling him a little bit; we've never let a dog on our bed before but he seems to have found his way there.  
The day isn't off to a good start unless I've been pounced upon by all 46 pounds of him!  He's training well,
and we're looking forward to warmer weather so we can have him out in the yard more.  
All in all, he's a great boy, a great addition to the family.  
Kathy         2014
Well, here's our baby boy who turns 2 on August 28th.  What a great dog!  He weighs 85 pounds  now and the kids love him.  I
had to chuckle at your article on having puppies adjust to the car because as soon as we put him in the back of our van, he would
just lay down as if it were the normal thing to do.  At 4 months, he could ride 4 hours nonstop with us.  Yet, this was the same dog
we got on Hurricane Sandy that loved the Wizard of Oz like winds.  That puppy saw umbrellas, high winds, panicked people, snow,
sleet and falling branches all within a matter of 3 days.  I guess that's why he's so mellow!  He lays for hours outside with no care
in the world other than playing chase with the same chipmunk.  When we picked him out, your husband said he was the calmest,
but might not be the brightest.  Well, he was right!  But, I wouldn't have picked any other puppy!  So thank you for your guidance
and we'll update you again in a year.
Karen   2014
Hi Mark and Laura,
       I just wanted to send you a pic or 2 of Molly. She is the most wonderful dog ever. Everyone that meets her says she is beautiful. And Molly has to
meet everyone she sees. She is amazing. Thank for adding such joy to my life. As you can see in the pic she has made herself at home. She is housebroken.
She can sit,stay,lay down and is learning more everyday. You have no idea how much getting Molly has improved my outlook on life. She wakes me up
every morning with puppy kisses and I don't even need an alarm clock. Once again thank you.
                                                                                                                             Mike   2014

Hi Mark and Laura,   
Just got home from his 3 month ck and first of his shots.  He is going great Dr. Walsh is so impressed with him says he is going
to be a big boy and thinks he is very smart for his age.  He now weighs 19.9 pounds and he said he is not over weight by any
means.  He looks wonderful and we are so happy with him.  He is very friendly with people and has only seen one other dog
and was very very good with him.  He asks to go out has not had but only one little accident in the house, eats very well and I
just can not say enough about him.  We can not thank you enough for him and making your choice our choice and it for sure
was the right one.  His coat is so soft and his coloring is beautiful has not gotten any lighter I think it is a little darker and
everyone just thinks he is gorgeous.  I am sending a few new pictures as he is 11 weeks in these except of the last 2 and he
was 8 weeks old.  Enjoy and will keep you updated.

Sue    2014