Bella is 50 some pounds of pure love and you can see her soul right through her eyes.  
From the pictures that I have seen of Lilly they look like almost clones of each other- what do you think??  
Speaking of Lilly her puppies are absolutely adorable.

Laura, we couldn't be happier.  She is such a good dog- very gentle and easy going.  
The only thing is that she has been very afraid of noises and when things would fall-
but she is doing much better in that area now and becoming more confident in herself.   
She is very laid back for a puppy, and perfect for our family!!

Happy New Year!!  Love, Susie

Keeping in Touch
2007 ~ 2011
When our boy was younger & biting us..nothing would stop him so we tried tapping him on the nose.  He would take his paw & hit us back.  
Another is that he ate his diploma copy of the book
Marley.  Even our vet said the he is so "impressed with this dog."
I know the Invisible fence we had put in and lots of
Obedience classes helped but I really feel it is his genetics
that have made him the BEST dog we have ever had.

We are so glad we have him!!!!  
Just wanted to send you some photos and let you know how Bailey is doing...He seems to have adjusted very well, and is good for us, as then we
get a break. He's so cute, he doesn't seem real! We hope you enjoy these includes our neighbor's black lab, Porter, who is his new
best friend. We'll send you more pictures as time goes on.

P.S. We took Bailey to the vet, who was very impressed and thought he was a beautiful puppy. He's also 17 pounds!!
Diane and Chuck
June 2010

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Mishka's story.  She is a very beautiful girl!

Our wonderful girl Tiguak "Tiggie" is the most wonderful girl!  Tiggie and her big sister, Gracie are inseparable.  They are just like kids, stealing toys, fighting and
pulling on each other's ears, then laying side by side exhausted from their day of adventure.  
We are eternally grateful for our puppy from your family.

Joan /2010
Dear Laura,
We love her, she sometimes thinks she is the exception to the canine rules around the house. She is like a perpetual puppy.  We just love
her to pieces.  We couldn't have obtained a better dog.
Your breeding skills hit the mark with this dog.
God bless you,   Jan  2010
We just wanted you to know that the girls are doing great.  They are sleeping in their crate peacefully now and are just amazing.  

We're shocked at how well behaved they are.  They cried when we had them apart for a short time, to clean up, etc.  But they are doing great and we are so
happy.  We'll keep in touch and definitely will be sending more pictures.  
Thank you again and please thank Mark.  You guys have done a wonderful job.  
-Brian and Megan
I know you have been losing sleep wondering what Kaya and Dayo are up to these days, so I thought I'd put you at ease
have been losing sleep wondering what Kaya and Dayo are up to these days, so I thought I'd put you at ease and a little more round (but not fat! we don't want to
give her a complex).  By the way, Dayo was "yellow" and Kaya was "red" in case you needed a reminder.  

June 28th so the time is quickly approaching.  They will hopefully be graduating their Puppy class this coming Wednesday.  We enrolled in an 8 week course at
Pet Smart and it has been great.  5 puppies in all in the class and it is The girls are going to be 6 months old on July 1st (your New Year's Day babies).  They are
due for "the operation" on Wednesday.  We enrolled in an 8 week course at Pet Smart and it has been great.  5 puppies in all in the class and it is a lot of work.  
The girls enjoy working and they pick up on everything quickly. They love playing outside, and at times we can't get them to come in!  They also love digging holes
in the yard which is not my favorite thing.  Any suggestions to help stopping the digging?  It's not AWEFUL, but it is a mess.  

Dayo is still the "observer" and Kaya is the ring leader.  They both take the lead at playtime, but Dayo is just fine being on her own and watching everyone.  Kaya,
on the other hand.... she must be involved in everything!  We just love them sooooo much!

We speak very highly of Golden Journey and hope all is well back on the ranch.  We follow along on occasion with your litters.  It looks like you've been busy!  I'm
attaching a few new pictures of the girls.  Thank you again for everything.  We could not be happier.  
Best to all!
- Brian and Megan   2010
My wife Ruth and I purchased a puppy from you last August of Silas and Breezes' litter.  He is now 9 months old, 80.5 pounds and approx 22 inches
at the withers.  He is a beautiful dog in every way.  When we purchased "Musso" you indicated that you board dogs.  We have a need to board
Musso for one night, Saturday 3/27.  We are looking to drop him off Saturday late morning and pick him up Sunday early afternoon. We think for his
first boarding night your kennel would be perfect.  Can you please contact be asap so I can finalize some arrangements?  

We look forward in hearing from you!
Best regards,
Dennis /2010
Cooper goes everywhere I go and is a perfect gentleman. He is also a canine blood donor and gives blood every month. I guess there are 5 or 6 types of
dog blood and his is A- which is the universal donor so they want him all the time. He goes once a week to training so they can keep up on what he is
doing and correct anything before it gets bad but so far we have had no issues. He will carry a light weight bag for me out in public without distraction.
He retrieves my keys for me at home every time but looses a little focus out in public sometimes on
and has bragged on him like crazy. Cooper thinks I belong to him instead of the other way around. He is such a joy to have around and is so devoted to
me and the family. I have to get a photo for his ID card
so when I find my camera charger so I can take
some good pictures I will send you a couple.

Thanks so much...
Robin & Cooper       3/10
We are so happy but we're getting a little tired of the steady stream of visitors (only human allowed at this time) that have been stopping by
to play with the babies. The first couple of nights Bruce and I didn't get to eat dinner until about 10:00..............neighborhood party in the back
yard. Just kidding, it's wonderful that the new puppies have been so well received by our friends and family, it will be interesting to see if I
end up giving your contact information to any of them.  

I think we finally have names for the puppies. Saratoga (Bruce's plane is a Piper Saratoga) for the female and we call her Sara. The male is
currently named Harley, FKA; Sequoia, Miko and Bob Barker. He seems to respond to Harley pretty well so maybe the name will stick.  

Anyway- the puppies are wonderful, you did a fantastic job of selecting the right puppies for us and we are both
thankful we left it in your capable hands.
Take care and we'll give you updates from time to time.
Thanks again,
Becca and Bruce  2007
Needless to say, for my husband and I, she has been the light of our lives and everything we could have hoped for!!   It seems so long
since we anxiously awaited her flight into Palm Beach.  She is a very happy dog, very social and well-behaved.  She graduated her
"puppy class" on Dec. 6th where she learned to sit, leave-it, drop-it, high five,  etc.  She has been amazing at potty-training since the
day we got her, with only a few accidents - none in the past 2 months at least!  
I have a younger brother who is in a wheelchair 24/7, and we have discovered that she LOVES him and gives him kisses every chance
she gets.  Every time he hears a dog bark now he starts laughing because he thinks it's Paisley =)
She loves watching tv on the couch, playing in the leaves outside, and especially LOVES car rides!!  

Who would have thought??  The same dog that you had to hold while you were trying to get her used to the car,
now Paisley tries to jump in any time we open a car door!!
Anyway, we love her and thinks she resembles her daddy Rush.  
Just wanted to update you, and who knows? Maybe someday
we'll be coming to you for our second golden retriever!  
Here are some pictures.  By the way she is now 60 pounds!!

Thanks again!  
Rebecca   09
Hi Laura,
I thought I would just check in. Violet is one today. She is such a loving sweet girl. She is truly a member of the family. We adore her. My daughter
is turning 5 this week too. They are great friends. I attached a couple pictures I took of them last week.  Thank you so much!!! I noticed the new
litter of golden labs - I've been encouraging recommend for chewers? I figured you would know the safest bone for our little girl better than
Happy New Year!
Here is a photo of Indy with his little sister Kona.  They get along well.  Kona has definitely bonded with
Indy where as he is very bonded to me(sometimes he gets a little annoyed with her).  Kona is doing well.  
She is into everything.  She likes to dig which she is in classes right now.  She does learn fast, just wish
she would stop the digging and stuff.  She is going in on Monday to get Lisa and Family
I hope you and Mark are doing well!  We were lucky enough to get Franklin from you November 1st 2008 and
energy, yet he's very gentle and great around children.  He sleeps with us every night and loves to cuddle.  He's everything we were looking for and
we could not ask for a better addition to our family.  Thank I want to tell you what an amazing dog we have and how much we appreciate him.  He
just turned a year old you very much for everything you do!  We absolutely adore Franklin and truly appreciate the wonderful gift you have given us.  
We are currently still living in the city but will probably move to the suburbs soon and will be contacting
you for a brother for Franklin :)

I've attached a picture of Franklin relaxing in his favorite place.

Kind regards,

Katie & Nick   9/09
I have been meaning to email you about Kacy.  She is truly the best dog we have ever had.  She is amazing!!!  
She is with us all the time and loves the kids, loves the hikes, and walks, vacations, swimming....

Thank you for giving us such a lovely pup.  I will attach some recent photos.  
I have another photo of her in a doggie life preserver that  I will send in another email.   
She is now 10 months.....
Donna   2009
Hi Laura,

I have been meaning to send you a note forever!  We just love our puppy!  His name is Captain.  We cannot believe how smart he is --
literally he was house broken in two days.  We have not had ten accidents in the house.  Truly amazing.  He is so anxious to please........
what a wonderful little guy!

Thank you for working with us.  I wish I could buy ten more from you.  Lucky us for finding you and him.

Sue   2008
Hi Laura,

Cali will be 9 mos old on Friday. She is quite the character and I am very pleased with her. She is smart, curious and has a sense of humor, as in photo #1 when
she chewed up 50 ft. of garden hose.

She has completed two obedience courses and did great. She is just finishing AKC Good Citizen class but I won't is an immediate failure. She is still very young for
the test. But she does all the other tests like meeting other dogs very well. She is also  advancing in AKC Tracking Class. The little skamp watched Cody track and
seemed to get the idea with ease. We place wallets, gloves and pieces of leather on the track for the dogs to stop and identify as a "find"./  It is difficult to train for,
but Cali is a
natural. She stops, looks back at me and then lies down with the article between her front paws. She also has a tendency  if the finds are a little far apart, to stop
and identify a rock or stick!!!! Still a puppy wanting so much to please me.

Encouraging is the fact that she will follow a dry track i.e. no bait on the trail,
much better than Cody.

Anyway thought you might like to know how one of your girls is doing.   

George      6/2008

It most certainly is difficult buying a puppy without looking at it, holding it, feeling it, playing with it, and all those good feelings you get when you are trying to pick
out the “perfect” puppy. But dealing with you assured us that when those puppies came into our home we were going to love them totally. And we do.
From the first time I spoke with you inquiring about the puppies you put me at ease. We had never purchased a puppy from someone who we would not
personally meet. But just talking to you gave me the feeling that we had met several times. You answered all my questions and gave me so much insight about
the puppies and the parents.

And I was so concerned about having to fly the puppies to us. Once again you assured me that you had done this many times and would only deal with reputable
airlines. I know that you stay with the puppies up until the last possible moment. That tells me how concerned you are for them, and it made me feel so much
better. I could tell that the puppies pull at your heart when you have to say goodbye.

I also enjoy keeping in touch with you as the puppies grow. It is nice to be able to share their antics and growth with you. You are always so receptive to my
emails and calls. If I have a question or concern you are there for me.

It has been such a pleasurable experience dealing with you, that if we ever decided to add another puppy to our household I would not hesitate asking you if you
would allow us to have another of your puppies.

June 2007

I first met Laura via email when I was researching Labs and ran across Laura’s website.  After the initial email contact, Laura provided me with
information concerning her upcoming available puppies, and some background information on herself and her love of Labrador and Golden

In April of 2007, my wife and I made an appointment to visit Laura at her house and visit with the parents of the upcoming litter of puppies, both
Lab’s and Golden’s.  Upon our arrival at her very comfortable home in northwest Indiana, and within a few minutes of talking with Laura, my wife
and I know this was the place that we wanted to adopt our puppy.

Laura is a very respectful lady, and manages a very caring kennel.  All of the puppies born are raised in the house with the rest of Laura’s’ family,
and are given the care, attention, and medical care that all puppies need before being adopted.  You can truly feel the love that Laura has for all
of the sires and dams that belong to her, and all of the love and care that she provides to all of the puppies.

On June 2, 2007, my wife and I again traveled to Laura’s house to make the selection for our puppy.  Once again, Laura was a very gracious host,
her estate and interior of her house was both attractive and charming.  We spent several hours in trying to determine which puppy to choose,
along with spending time with Laura discussing the puppy’s needs once we got her home.

I can assure you that Laura is not a back-yard breeder, nor does she run a puppy mill.  She is a respected
Lab and Golden breeder, and anyone wishing to adopt a puppy would not find another puppy caregiver
better than Laura.  In fact, not only have we gained a very valuable addition to our family, but we have
gained Laura as a friend for life!

Best wishes in your decision to adopt a puppy.  

Sincerely,  Jim T   
Hi Laura,
Just a quick note this holiday season to let you know how wonderful our Piper is.  
She is smart and funny and beautiful and loved!  I cannot thank you enough!

Blessings to you and your family,
Jennifer  2009
I just wanted to let you know that I can't go anywhere without being stopped so that people can see the perfect puppy.  He's so handsome and smart.  If you have
any business cards you want to send me I will keep them on me as Dudley and I walk.   Many people have written down your website as I sing your praises.  Our
little guy is 4 months old now trained... and knows many commands.  He looks so much like Silas.

I'll probably be back in touch next summer to get him a buddy!  
Hope you are having a wonderful summer.  These pictures were
taken today.  He's lost some of his puppy teeth and is getting a
little gangly :)

Pam   2010
Golden Journey Retrievers, Laura and Mark are wonderful dog breeders, and they produce top of line puppies to match! We got our boy,
Buckley, in May of 2008. We knew right away when we went to visit the dogs that this was the place for us to get a puppy.  You can tell from
their home, their knowledge and insights of the dogs, and their own personal values, that Mark and Laura are breeders you can trust and depend
on! Buckley is the best dog we could have ever hoped for! He fits our family dynamic perfectly.  We understand that part of that has to do with all
of the training he's done (he now performs on a "drill team!"), but without his personality and the care he received as a puppy at Golden Journey,
he wouldn't have come along as quickly . He takes everything in stride and is wonderful around children and babies, people and all other dogs.
He'll even let kids hug him and squeeze him! He's snuggly, and definitely the ideal golden personality of being a people-pleaser. He loves to
retrieve, and could play with his racquetball all day long! (He's sleeping with it in his mouth as I type this!) Thanks Mark and Laura for such a
wonderful dog!

Kim  2010
"Fine Canine Dog Drill Team" ~ Elmhurst IL.
Hi Laura:

I know you like to follow how your dogs are doing so I thought I would drop you a note and let you know how Guinness and Tucker are doing.  Last summer, we
moved to a new home in NY.  

I cannot tell you how wonderful these two dogs really are!!!!  Tucker looks a lot like his Father!  He is absolutely beautiful!  We originally wanted to name him
Boddington but his name did just not fit.  He is very loving and gentle and very playful!  He loves his stuffed toys!  He doesn’t like to give kisses but will let you pet
him and love him whenever you want!  He loves to swim and DIG!  He loves the mud!

Guinness the black lab is very smart!  He too is gentle!  He and Tucker always play together and sleep together etc!  Guinness looks like his chocolate lab Mom.  
He is smaller than Tucker.  He is always watching what everyone is doing and only loves when he is in the mood!  Guinness doesn’t like to be dirty and is very

I couldn’t tell you enough nice things about our boys!  We love them and are thankful for them!

As we go to celebrate their upcoming birthdays, we wanted to say
thank you for giving us
a chance to have such wonderful pets!  They are a dream!  
Everyone comments on what great dogs they really are.

Best Regards,


We bought a puppy from you about 1 year ago now. I believe she was born on 6/29/09 and our daughter was just born on 6/29/10 so they are exactly
1 year apart. We named the dog Pagan and she is well loved and we get plenty of complements on her. She needs a little better training but that is
our fault. Hopefully Pagan and Jadyn can grow to be great friends.

Keli 2010

I had to go ahead and write this note because he is an extraordinarily smart, loving and loyal pup.  I knew he would be his kennel at night for 3 weeks, he
simply goes to bed when we do and is quiet all night, not the first accident and wakes when we do, he was potty trained in less than a week, he knows
speak, please, shake, fetch, sit, stay, stop, kisses, gentle, wait, egg (he loves them hard boiled), mommy, daddy, gran, Bear (our neighbors lab pup) ,
play, swim, etc. all his many nicknames etc.  My mom came in early August (was supposed to stay two weeks) she is still here because she loves Luke
so much.  

He loves to swim in the saltwater pool, we have a little beach we made at the foot of our bay which he loves..., he puts his toys in his toy box when he is
finished playing loves to be chased...the list goes on and on but honestly, my husband and I said we don't know what we were doing before we had him.  

I will sift through the probably 1000+ pics and send to you but he is perfectly healthy, beautiful and wonderful little disposition, we could not be happier!  

Thank you and God bless you for all you do!             Amanda 2011
Hi Laura and Mark,

Happy Easter! I hope you're having a nice holiday! I took some new pictures of Addie (9 months old already!)  and I thought you'd like to see how
much she's grown. She's developing beautiful feathering on her tail and her color remains very light, like her dad. She's silky soft and absolutely
gorgeous! She weighs about 45 lbs., the vet thinks she'll max out around 60lbs., but I'd be surprised to see her get that much bigger. She's a
wonderful contrast to our toasty-colored, 95lb. Basil. Addie is really enjoying the spring, especially because she's been trained to the Invisible
Fence and can now run freely around the yard. She's incredibly fast and strong! She loves to play fetch with lacrosse balls and soccer balls. It's so
funny to see her chase down the soccer ball, then pick it up, bring it back, and drop it at your feet. I hoping to teach Basil how to fetch too. Actually,
today he brought back a lacrosse ball and dropped it at Charlie's feet. I think he's learning from Addie.
As you can see from the picture, Addie is especially attached to Phillip.  
At 11 years old, he's the perfect companion for a puppy.
I hope everyone is well by you. I'll send more pictures soon.

Take care,          Kathy   2011
Our dog “Chevy”!  She was born on August 29, 2007 and is now 3.5 years old. She was from Carson and Mazy’s litter. She is the best dog ever and
is so happy, loved, and spoiled.  Just thought you would enjoy some pics of her.

She is now 75lbs and is the sweetest gentlest dog.  Chevy enjoys swimming in the pool and in the lake at our lake house, playing with our sun,
snoozing on the couch (upside down), going on walks, being outside, and just snuggling with us.  She is always ready to comfort and give big
sloppy kisses.

I know it has been 3 years but we cannot thank you enough for allowing us to adopt and give her the best life humanly possible J

Thanks, Amber  2011
Hi Laura,
This is Scott and Casey ... We bought Buckley from you guys. He turns 1 year old today and I thought you guys might want to see an updated picture of him. The picture
on the left was from the day we brought him home and the picture on the right was taken yesterday.
fun personality. Buckley now has a little brother that he is very protective over. Jackson, our baby boy, was born July 26... He's almost three months old now and
Buckley has done great with him.
I hope you guys are doing well. I just cannot say enough how much we love our puppy. I still call him a pup even though he's 85 pounds of all muscle!

Talk to you later.     Casey  2011
Two and a half years ago in December we purchased "lime" from you, affectionately called, Murphy. The perfect product of Rosa and Micah!  

My husband, Wade, and I are totally in love!  Murphy COULD NOT be a better dog!  He is full of love, personality, calm, joy, intelligence, ... I could go on all day!

Anyway, I thought you'd like to know that we moved to Indianapolis one week after Murphy joined our family.

Murphy is well loved by absolutely everyone as he is the most easy going dog anyone has ever met!  I thought you might also like to know that he's a graduated
from a great number of training courses and is an AKC registered
I'd love to chat with you sometime if you have a moment and I also have HUNDREDS more pictures if you ever need any for your
Many blessings to you this Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi Mark and Laura...

Wanted to send you an update on Zoey Mae...what a blessing she has been to our family!!!  We love her so much.  She has adjusted very
well to her new home and new surroundings.  She loves going for car rides...especially when she knows we are going to pick up the kids
from school.  Her favorite game is tug-of-war.  She will play fetch on her terms with one ball in particular.  She can be a little stubborn at
times and pretend like she doesn't hear what you are asking her to do but eventually her devoted side gets the best of her and she does it.  
She is sitting, staying and laying down when asked.  She only chews on her toys...we have not lost a single shoe, sock etc.  I truly believe
she is the most brilliant beautiful dog ever!!!  :-)    Hope all is well with you and your family...I'll send more pictures as she grows...

Trish  2012

My new Mom is typing this for me because I am busy chewing on my toys right now, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day and thank you
for all you did for me in the first eight weeks of my life.

I had a nice flight to Bradley Airport and when Mom and Dad picked me up my ice cubes were still frozen.  I'snt that something?  Before Mom and
Dad saw me the lady at the cargo area told them I looked like Marley.  My Mom thought, "Oh no!  What have I done?"  

I have adjusted very nicely to my new home and my new daily routine.  Everywhere I go, everybody fawns all over me and tells me I am the most
beautiful puppy they have ever seen.  Then when they pet me they tell me I am soooo but I am soon forgiven.  Puppies will be puppies!  I've almost
got that potty outside thing down, but still have a few accidents here and there.  I have a bell that we ring when we are going outside.  I like to
ring the bell just to get my Mom and Dad outside.  It's especially funny when it is pouring rain.  My Mom put a puppy pad by the door, but I like to
drag that around the house and rip it to shreds sometimes.  I found out that they don't grow on trees.  I like my Nylabones and my Wubba, but
mostly I like to chew on things that get attention, like feet and fingers.   I also love to watch TV.  Yesterday my Mom and I watched, "Bailey the
Lost Puppy" on Netflix.  The dog looked a lot like me and I was so excited to see all of Bailey's litter mates at the beginning of the movie.

I have gotten several of my shots, and my Vet says I look like the Advantix dog.
"There may be bugs on some o'you  mugs but there ain't no bugs on me."  As of
last Wednesday, I weigh 20 pounds.  The Vet says I'm perfect and my Mom and
Dad agree.  I am sending three pictures of how I look now.  You can see how tall
I've gotten!  Love to Daddy Mark and my Sister Flo.  I hope she is feeling better.
Zuzu (yellow girl)      2012
Finn is growing like mad and sleeping like a champ. The boys are doing great - some days Gibbie has had enough and other days he cannot get
enough of his little brother. Finn has a so many funny quirks much like Gibb which we just love.  
He is really a joy and has made our summer that much better - thank you -

Kristin  2012
I wanted to update you on sweet Louis that we adopted from you
He is now 10 months old and a healthy 85 pounds. He is the best dog ever.
The kids absolutely love him. Our dog trainer says he has the gentlest
personality and mouth that he has seen on a dog that big. We could not ask
for a better fit for our family. Just wanted to tell you how much we love him!


Kathy 2012

big boy ever. We almost got Hazel but Luke seems to enjoy being an only child.  He understands not only words but sentences etc. I just want
you to know he is the light of our world.  I could not love him more.  
Thank you for being an outstanding breeder.

Amanda  2012
Hi Mark and Laura,

night and after a few hours of play, naps with me for several hours (I work mid nights).  With the exception of a few We tried a two crate method but I
think he took the downstairs crate as punishment.  We now just put him in the crate in our room since that's where he sleeps.  He was alone for a
couple hours yesterday and did great.  We'll stick with the one crate.  We take him on short walks down the block and he loves it.  Still no long walks
or woods until the shots are all complete.  All in all he's doing great and is a lot of fun.  Here he is on his favorite rocking game chair with his bone.  
He sits on the chair rocking back and forth watching TV.  crack's us up.  He's getting big !!!  We'll keep you updated.

Michael  2012
I'm not overfeeding ;>). Today she weighed in at 27 pounds!
She is eager to please and quite obedient! She will get her 3rd puppy shot
Monday and then her Rabies in  another week or so. After that, she'll be
good to go in the big wide world.

Thank you for giving us such a beautiful new friend!
Best,  Don 2012

Every day we think about the fact that we probably should have picked up two dogs, not just Sammy. She is just the sweetest, most well tempered dog we
have ever met. Everyone who meets her instantly falls in love and tells us there is something very playing with them, she loves to cuddle.

We are absolutely in love with her, and very grateful. I have a strong
suspicion Eric will continue to bug me every day about getting our second dog.
My suspicion is based on he's already asked me every day thus far!

We've attached a few more pics for you to enjoy! Eric sends his love.

Enjoy the holidays!
Sarah   2012
I am the best puppy

From, Rudy        2012
Mark & Laura

I hope this email finds you both well. I just wanted to send you some pictures of Seger. He was born August 18th 2010. Son of Micah and Rosa. Seger has been an
absolute joy to raise for the last 2 years. I do not have one single complaint about him. Every time I take him out, people stop and ask where I got him and tell me he
is a gorgeous dog. Eddie, a colleague of mine just recently purchased a puppy from you. Karyn, also a fellow colleague of mine, might be giving you a call as well to
inquire on future litters. If you ever need to use me as a reference, please do not hesitate. Enjoy the Holidays!

Thanks, Dustin 2012
We just wanted to share pictures and let you know Scout is doing great. These were taken in November for a annual Christmas card and letter.
She is now 4 months old and has completed all her immunizations and graduated (today) from puppy class. She is simply a great dog. She is so
smart and even-tempered. She is easy to train. She comes on command, sits, shakes, lays down, fetches, etc. She loves the boys.
My 9 year old is her best friend. They can play to exhaustion.

We couldn't happier with our choice!

Scout's temperament is so amazing - people comment constantly. She obeys my husband
with hand commands nearly universally (one exception: Pet Smart on a busy Saturday).
We probably got lucky in some respect but I credit the
"stock" she came from and the early care she got. We simply love her.

Something tells me we will be back and will recommend you to anyone interested.

But everyone makes mistake
once in a while!
Zuri is 1!  We are so happy to have her in our family.  She has been great.  Zuri graduated from a outside with the kids and has been in the pool
once or twice last August.  Her favorite thing to do is run.  There is no doubt about that.  
Our whole family loves her.  
Rise'  5/09