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Labrador Retriever
AKC   SR36682501

The Most Popular dog breed in......

**Great Britain

is the
Labrador Retriever

The 3rd Most Popular
dog breed is.....
is the
Golden Retriever
AKC Meet the Breeds®

Golden Retriever, with its
intelligence and eager to please attitude, is
one of the most popular breeds in the United
States according to AKC® registration
statistics. The working ability that has made
the Golden Retriever such a useful hunting
companion also make him an ideal guide,
assistance and search and rescue dog. The
golden-colored coat is the hallmark of this
versatile breed, and can range from light to
dark gold.
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Peace and Tranquility
American/European Blend
Golden Retriever
The gentle, intelligent
and family-friendly
Labrador Retriever from
Canada continues to be
the most popular breed in
the United States,
according to AKC®
registration statistics.
This versatile hunting
breed comes in three colors
- yellow, black and
chocolate - and because of
his aptitude to please his
master they excel as
guide dogs for the blind,
as part of
search-and-rescue teams
or in narcotics detection
with law enforcement.
•The first three American Kennel Club Obedience  
Champions were Golden Retrievers.
•President Gerald Ford had a pet Golden
Retriever named Liberty.
•There are British, Canadian, and American
versions of the breed.
•They have been known to take care of other
animals, even kittens!
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