Our Reservation list ~

Available to those ready to commit to a male or female puppy with a deposit.  
This places you in position for selection.  (1st pick, 2nd pick, 3rd pick......)
If we do not have a pregnancy or the gender you requested your deposit will be refunded or
moved to another litter, whichever is your preference.   

Often we have more puppies than the 3 males and 3 females we have reserved prior to whelping.
Litter sizes vary however normal here is 8-11.

Our Will Call list ~

Available to those who may not be quite ready to make a commitment to a reservation position
with a deposit but would like to be in line (while making a decision) and be informed of a breeding,
or the birth of a litter.  We "Will Call" the list
in the order they were listed.
Golden Labrador
Previous Litter 2011
8 weeks old
Selection Process

Based on your description of your family, kids, activities, etc. that you have shared in you’re Getting to Know You form, emails and conversations,
we begin watching to see which puppies will blend best into each home.

Around the time the puppies are 7 weeks old, the selection process begins.  
We work with each family in the order they were placed on our reservation list.  
We use a wonderful pre-socialization program from the time the babies are born and test our puppies.
We have watched for key things in their personalities and combined that with what we have learned about you and your family.
We ask that you to discuss with your family which are the top 3 puppy selections.

Everybody knows a puppy IS a puppy - Is a puppy!  But there are temperaments we look for when considering a puppy for a specific family.
For example if a dog is going to be trained for service work we considered in what area….
A puppy who loves to carry something in his/her mouth ~ retrieving dropped keys, hair brush etc would be a great job for this puppy.
This puppy should be confident, alert and have energy to funnel towards the goal.

If you have children, the ages and activity level is a consideration.  We will look for a happy, content puppy that loves to play.
If you are a retired couple that is home a lot you may be looking for the snuggle bunny of the group.

In conclusion, please understand that while we love to talk about the dogs and puppies on the phone, we still need to have your thoughts and
wishes in writing because it is way too easy to forget details of conversations or even worse yet blend two conversation together from different
phone calls.  At my age the only multi-tasking I am good at is loving on lots of puppies, all at once.
Due to unforeseen circumstances and the unpredictable nature of raising, and caring for our dogs, we
may  be difficult to reach, but we will make every effort to return calls and emails in a timely manor.  
We appreciate your understanding should we incur delays.

We love to discuss dogs on the phone, however, we still prefer to have your thoughts and needs in

It allows us to better serve you, especially helping with the selection of the puppy that best fits your
hopes and needs, times and dates etc.  

We constantly refer back to your
Getting to Know You form and the emails we share.  

It is too easy to forget details said during a phone conversation.