way of looking at the world from the Golden but the slightly more intent way of "zeroing in on" a need or a bird, plus
the physical strength of the Lab.  

Well, we were convinced.  The only problem was, which you have probably noticed in your search, is that they are
difficult to find...especially a well bred puppy.  Since then, we have researched different aspects of crossing these two
breeds.  We have worked very hard to find quality Labs and Goldens for our program.  At this point we are trying to
have several litters a year if and when requests have filled a waiting list or a specific need arises.  
We are excited about working with several training groups in different states providing or donating pups from our litters
to be trained for someone who needs assistance.  These puppies are doing great Tennessee, California, Indiana Illinois,
Ohio and the east coast.  Some will be working with young people with Autism, some Hearing Assistance and some
Mobility and recently Seizure Alerting.  We also have search and rescues in California and Arizona.

Our goal became to breed a wonderful Golden Lab cross puppy that could be a family member, a companion, hunt
/field or work in Service or Therapy.  We've committed to keep the price of a puppy within a range that is affordable.  
Many hybrid dogs are priced extremely high and since ours may go to Service or Therapy homes we will not be
charging those prices.

A vet will tell you that a hybrid or a mutt is probably the healthiest dog around.  This may certainly be true within the
first generation pup.  Parents being ~ Purebred to Purebred!!!  When one breeds a mixed/hybrid dog with a purebred
or another mix/hybrid it begins to weaken the genetic strength or the “vigor”, hence the hybrid or mutt is no longer
expected to be healthier.  We adopt out our pups with a spay/neuter contract.

Something to be aware of when searching for a hybrid pup might be.......the combination of the two individual breeds.
Are the parent's breeds compatible?  Are each breed's character and their size a compliment to the other.  The Golden
Retriever and the Labrador Retriever are very similar in size and body type as well as their general appearance, muzzle,
teeth etc.  Their temperaments are also similar in that both breeds are kind, gentle, eager to please and intelligent,
sporting dogs that love to work.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the AKC breed standard for both the
Golden and the Labrador retrievers at:

(copy and paste)

By the way....Mix breeds are now eligible to enroll in
 AKC Canine Partners.  This allows them to participate in
AKC events such as Rally, Agility and Obedience.
This is very new, for more information:


We use a pre-socialization technique (ENS) that begins at day 3 until day 16.  By day 16 the pups are getting around
well and can see pretty well, so we change to a more of an environmental socialization.  By moving them around from
room to room every so often, we are exposing them to different sounds, like hair dryers, vacuums and TV’s.  They
will also feel different textures and smell new smells.  We hope they will be better prepared for an ever changing
world.  Then at about 6+ weeks they begin their outdoor excursions..........and the investigating begins.  They see, and
hear big trucks pulling horse trailers, tractors, lawn mowers etc. Best of all, they love playing with the hose and water.  
They also play tug-o-war with sticks and crunch on leaves and are exposed to horses, cats and children (of course :-)

All of our own dogs are our companions and friends.  They are raised in the house, their temperaments reflects that, as
they are accustom to sounds, activity, friends and family coming and going and become more confident and content.  
As new pups they sleep in crates in our bedroom for months and months until they are "trustworthy chewers" and can
be left unattended while we sleep.   As adults our dogs take turns sleeping in various places throughout the house.  
Some prefer crates, some have their favorite chair, the kitchen tile or the cool cement in the garage, some sleep in our
kennel with heat, air conditioning and their favorite thing.....dog doors.
All are quality, lovely dogs with strong health histories and championed/show pedigrees.

One comment we get a lot is ~ "do you breed this mix on purpose?"  
The answer is certainly a resounding……YES!!

I've waited my whole life to live on a ranch with horses, dogs and kids.
We love, yes.......
LOVE doing what we are doing ~
Loving God and family AND spending the rest of our lives with our grandson and our dogs!

These puppies are a gift and a joy we will always, always be grateful for and never tire of!!

Mark  &  Laura
Golden Labrador