Following Harry

Harry is a member of his family.

You can see what a wonderful life he has in the pictures, below.  His family understands how much the pictures mean to us.

A few reasons we would like for you to meet Harry is because one day you may find yourself wondering....
"How big will the puppy be?  Will he be smart and easy to train?  We want a calm puppy.  Will he have a blocky head?"

We will respond from our experience and research with ..........

Normally, a male puppy will weigh 80-85 pounds and a female will weigh 60-65 but we've had a few smaller and several
Hmmm?  Easy to train ~ how much love, understanding and consistent effort are you and your family willing to put into
your new puppy?  Bred well, a Golden Lab can be described by their families to be the best of the best, loving, family
oriented and smart and healthy.  A puppy is a puppy, be prepared.
His looks ~ well, just as with humans they will change as he grows and matures and the size of his head or body will
hopefully not play a part in his family's love and devotion to him.

Harry is over 100 lbs.  He is healthy and correct for his size.  He is content, respectful and a joy for his family.  He has a
family that adores and accepts him no matter what, just as they would a new child.

It seems that as time passes, the more you love your puppy/dog the less you notice of the physical things that you once
thought were so important to find.

So remember....your little fur ball may have surprises in store for you.

We ask God to bless each puppy with good health and a wonderful family......with that we remember that nothing is perfect.
From then on.......we do the best we know how to do with what He has entrusted to us and we love every minute of it!!!!

Our hope is that you too, will treasure the memories and look forward to the future but most of all, we hope you will love
your new puppy unconditionally

.....Because that's the way your puppy feels about you.   

Dear friends at Golden Journey!
Happy Holidays from one of your
wonderful offspring- our Harry Collins!
At 100 lbs., he is the sweetest, smartest,
beloved by all companion!  We are SO
grateful that we found you and him!

Kathi & John     2012
Here’s our Harry at 11 months!  He turned 1 year
We couldn’t be happier with him!  He is a true joy!  
Well behaved, affectionate, obedient, great with kids-
the whole enchilada!  We adore him!!!

Happy Holidays to you both!

Kathi & John
Golden Labrador