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How much time will your
puppy remain home alone
each day?
Do you plan to do
obedience training?
Are you willing/able to
provide proper vet care
for your puppy? Shots?
Are you willing/able to
have your puppy spayed or
neutered at 6-12 months of
Are there any allergies to
pet hair or dander within
your family?
Pet History
What pets have you
raised in the past?
What pets do you currently
Puppy Preferences
Golden Retriever
Golden Lab Cross
Please describe the
temperament you are
hoping to have in you
new puppy?
Is there a lifestyle or an
activity you would like your
dog to fit into?
Is there a time frame you
have in mind to get your
Do you have a regular
Veterinarian?  Would you
mind if we contacted them?
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