Before formulating your list of questions to ask us during phone calls or in email's,
Please take some time to read through our FAQ's as we may have already answered your questions below.  
If you find that after reading through all the FAQ's, you still have questions that we have not addressed here,
Please call or email us for more information.

If you have purchased a dog from someone other than Golden Journey and you have questions, you should contact the
person/breeder/store in which you purchased the dog.  They should know best how to answer your questions.  We know how to
appropriately answer questions about our dogs because we know their history, pedigree and their level of care.  

1). Is my decision to purchase one of your dogs the only factor in obtaining one of them?  

While it is very important that you have confidence and a comfort-level with us, we do not sell our puppies without having a comfort-
level with you.  We reserve the right to refuse to sell our dogs/puppies to anyone.  We take great pride in our puppies, the way we
care for them and the way in which they are considered part of our family, before they join yours.  Therefore, while you will likely have
many questions for us, we in turn will ask many questions of you.  We make every effort through our communications with you to be a
good judge of character and to ensure our puppies are adopted into loving homes where they will be properly cared for.  You can
expect that we will ask questions such as: “Will your dog be kept inside or outside?”, “Will your dog be a family member”, “How many
children and other dogs/pets do you have?”, “how many hours will the dog be left alone each day?”, etc.  

2). What days and hours are you available to speak with me?

Please keep in mind we receive many inquires each week and we have posted FAQ's to save us time and to help get you the
answers you want quickly.  We answer and return calls as soon as we possibly can.  Please, leave us a voice mail message, we will
make every effort to return your call as soon as possible.  If you do not hear from us within 24 hours please try again.  We are in the
Central Time zone ~ CST.  We ask for your understanding as the care and attention given to the puppies and adult dogs must
remain our first priority.

3). What is the process for reserving a puppy?

After filling out our "Getting to Know You" form and we have chatted a bit, we will let you know if we feel we have a puppy to match
your hopes and dreams.  When you decide to commit to reserving a Golden Journey puppy, we email our Purchase Agreement to
you.  You will then return the signed Agreement with your Deposit.  

You will be placed on the Reserved List for your specific litter in the order in which you made your commitment.  You will be informed
of  your selection order number, 1st - 2nd - 3rd etc.   This is the order you will remain in and be contacted to select your puppy when
he/she is about 6 weeks old.  

Golden Journey reserves the right to hold or select the 1st pick puppy of a litter for their program.

4). What is the process for picking out my puppy?

When the puppies are 6-7 weeks old, we will make a video of the pups.   We email it to all the families so they can see how they
interact with us, and each other.  Mark holds each ~ color coded ~ puppy individually and he and I will share with our audience (you
and yours) about the pups, as we see them, at that time.  

This process has been a help whether you are picking out your puppy in person OR via Mark or Laura over the phone.   
About  24 hours after the video has been sent, we have visitations and will call each long distance family to discuss ..........
which puppies are available (according to position in the selection order).  Also, we'll talk about the available puppy's temperaments,
coat, and size etc until we have a match.

Occasionally we have another litter that may be younger, and on a different vaccination schedule or we might be waiting for a litter to
arrive, this and any health issues will be a consideration before any visits.  
The health and well being of our puppies and dogs IS the most important factor, over everything else.

5). Do you require a deposit to Reserve a puppy or get on our Waiting List for a future litter?

Yes.  When being placed on a reserved list a deposit and signed Purchase Agreement is required.
We are happy to add your name to our Will Call/Waiting list and let you know when puppies are born and if we have puppies

6). Are your prices negotiable?

Our puppies have been priced according to their specific pedigree, history, quality of their care and the high level of service we
provide to you, the buyer.  We are confident that our puppies are priced accordingly and therefore our listed/quoted prices are non-

7). Do you ship dogs/puppies?  Is it safe?

Yes, We ship from O'Hare Int. Airport in Chicago to every major International
Airport in the United States using well respected airlines.  Direct flights are
chosen as to avoid layovers and lengthening the pup’s flight time.  Shipping
requires special attention to detail.  For the dogs safety there are government
and airline requirements and policies.  
We take care of all the arrangements.

All carriers are marked LIVE ANIMAL with instructions for watering and feeding.   

You will be given all needed information to pickup your puppy, including suggestions of what to take with you to the
airport, directions to the selected airport and flight details.  Flight reservations are made within hours of the flight due
to weather restrictions.



We make trips to O’Hare International Airport (Airport code: ORD) in Chicago, Illinois on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Again, please
understand that we are not able to be flexible with the days as the trip to O'Hare is a minimum of a 6-8 hour journey for us and that is
a long time to be away from puppies at home.

8). What are the charges for shipping a puppy?

The buyer will pay actual airline shipping costs: ticket, airline approved carrier and a puppy health certificate from our Vet (required
by the airline for the safety of the pup)
Shipping costs are approximately $330.  
Ticket amounts are determined by the weight of the pup and the carrier size NOT by the distance they travel.

9). Can I pick up my puppy in person?  

Yes.  Please call or email to make arrangements.  We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

10). What type of food are the puppies eating?

Our puppies are fed "Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy"  
It is important to continue feeding the food the puppy
has been accustom to for several weeks.  Weaning
over a period of time will help eliminate tummy issues.

11). What type of toys do you recommend?

Like with babies our concerns are choking, strangulation and poisoning including lead in toys.  It is difficult to watch your pup every
second so providing safe toys to play with and chew on is very important.  Nylabone and Kong both make several products for
"aggressive chewers".  The most important thing is that small bits will not come off.  A good quality rope is fun, but if the strings start
coming apart it can turn into a dangerous toy as would the fiber from a stuffed toy.   Balls and frisbees are essential for a retriever.

12). What size collar and leash should I buy for my 8 week old puppy?

A lightweight 10 inch collar and 6 foot leash is standard for an average size 8-10 week old retriever pup.  Remember, your puppy will
outgrow this collar quickly.

When unattended a collar can become a strangulation hazard.  If your dog/puppy becomes entangled with a branch on a bush, a
larger dogs jaw while “puppy” playing, a fence or ????  The collar can quickly become a noose cutting away air supply.
The puppy may not even be able to bark to let you know that he/she needs you.  

We highly recommend

13). How can we ease the transition for our puppy from sleeping with their siblings to sleeping alone?    

We ship each puppy with a towel, blanket or toy that has the smells of our home and their siblings on it to soothe them while they
transition into the comforts of your home.  You may find that your puppy prefers to sleep with a stuffed animal that is their same size
or a bit smaller.  This may remind them of sleeping with one or all of their siblings.  They tend to sleep piled on and cuddled with one
another, so your puppy may enjoy snuggling or sleeping on top of a stuff animal.  Some schools of thought recommend getting a
wind-up alarm clock and placing it under a fluffy blanket to resemble their mother’s or sibling’s heartbeat.  You might try putting an
unlaundered t-shirt in your pups crate he/she will be bonding to you even as they sleep.  Unless you prefer to have your puppy
sleeping in bed with you every night, this may not be a habit you want to start.  Try to imagine sleeping with a 65-75 pound puppy on
your bed in a few months.

14). Do you recommend we enroll our puppy/dog in obedience training?

Absolutely!  You and your puppy will be much happier if you are both trained.  It is best to begin these classes after your pup has
completed the vaccination series, around 16 weeks. Speak with your vet or trainer for his advice.

15). Are there any books you recommend we purchase as a first-time puppy/dog owner?

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With by Clarice Rutherford
The Perfect Puppy: How to Raise a Well Behaved Dog by Gwen Bailey
Help! My Puppy is Driving Me Crazy: A Guide to Solving Common Puppy Problems by Diana Delmar

16). Are there any websites you recommend we visit as first-time puppy/dog owners?

17). When will I receive my AKC paperwork/registration documents?

If your puppy is being shipped, all paperwork should be sent to you within 2-4 weeks.   If you are picking your pup up, you will be
given paperwork at that time.  Occasionally there can be a delay ~ you will be notified as soon as possible.  

18). What are some common issues that may occur after my puppy/dog comes home with me?

Diarrhea: A stressful situation might be: changing their environment, water and/or food may affect your puppies elimination habits.  
You may be able to ease this by adding a teaspoon of plain yogurt with active cultures to their food.  Be sure not to let the puppy
become dehydrated.  Consult your vet.  

Chewing: all puppies have a tendency to chew.  It is up to you to teach your puppy what they can and cannot chew.  If they chew
something you don’t want them to (a table leg), remove them from the area and give them something they can chew (a Nylabone).  
Giving them an alternative will help them learn what is off-limits and what is acceptable.  There are many training books out there that
address this subject and we recommend you buy and read one before bringing your puppy home with you.  It may save you some

Potty in the house: some puppies are easier to potty-train than others.  It is a dog’s nature not to want to potty in the place where
they sleep (in their “den”).  We attempt to teach our puppies this at an early age, by separating their sleep/play/eating area from their
potty area in their pens.  We place newspaper in their potty area and many of them get used to going on the paper before they come
home to you, however we do not make any guarantees of you receiving a potty-trained puppy.  That part is up to you and your
preference.  There are different schools of thought on how to potty-train your puppy, some of which include newspaper training and
crate training.  We leave this part up to you and your personal decision and preference.  Again, this is where purchasing and reading
some puppy books may save you time and flooring.  

Worms: can be passed from the mother to the puppy while in the womb or during nursing.  
At 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age, we administer de-worming medication.  If you notice worms in your puppies stool, this is normal
cleansing.  Your puppy will receive as many as 4 treatments until a culture is clear.  Please consult your veterinarian for suggestions
and/or further treatment.  Soon their own immune system will be taking care of this by itself.

19). Do I need to take my puppy to the vet upon bringing it home?

Yes.  As Per our Purchase Agreement, you must take your puppy/dog to your veterinarian within 4 days of bringing it home.  If a
hereditary problem is found, we must be notified by your vet in writing immediately.  

20). What is your refund/replacement policy?  

Per our Purchase Agreement:

All of our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health when purchased. We guarantee the puppy to be free of any life-threatening
hereditary defects for 1 year from date of birth.  A licensed veterinarian must examine your puppy within 72-96 hours of delivery.  
Seller does not guarantee against communicable diseases such as giardia, coccidian, parvo, etc. If there is a debilitating illness or
disease, the breeder’s veterinarian will interpret the report and if he/she concurs, then a replacement puppy will be given. There will
be no cash or credit refunds.  Golden Journey Retrievers offers replacement puppies only.  Replacement will be made within 1 year.

Note:   Due to unforeseen circumstances and the unpredictable nature of raising, and caring for our dogs, we   
may  be difficult to reach, but we will make every effort to return calls and emails in a timely manor.
We appreciate your understanding should we incur delays.

We love to discuss dogs on the phone, however, we still prefer to have your thoughts and needs in writing.  

It allows us to better serve you, especially helping with the selection of the puppy that best fits your hopes
and needs, times and dates etc.  

We constantly refer back to your
Getting to Know You form and the emails we share.  

It is too easy to forget details said during a conversation.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Are you looking for Answers?
~ ~ ~
Please read the info below,
especially if you are adding a
"Golden Journey" puppy to your family.  
You may even want to save it
as a future reference.
Click on the tabs above to check out some
topics that are important to all of us.
Puppy Selection Process

Based on your description of your family, kids, activities, etc. that you have shared in you’re Getting to Know You form, emails and
conversations we begin watching to see which puppies will blend best into each home.

Around the time the puppies are 6 or 7 weeks old, the selection process begins.  
We work with each family in the order they were placed on our reservation list.  
We use a wonderful pre-socialization program from the time the babies are born and test our puppies.
We have watched for key things in their personalities and combined that with what we have learned about you and your family.
We ask that you to discuss with your family which are the top 3 puppy selections.

Everybody knows a puppy IS a puppy - Is a puppy!  But there are temperaments we look for when considering a puppy for a
specific family.  For example if a dog is going to be trained for service work we considered in what area….A puppy who loves to
carry something in his/her mouth ~ retrieving dropped keys, hair brush etc would be a great job for this puppy.
This puppy should be confident, alert and have energy to funnel towards the goal.

If you have children, the ages and activity level is a consideration.  We will look for a happy, content puppy that loves to play.
If you are retired and home a lot you may be looking for the snuggle bunny of the group.

In conclusion, please understand that while we love to talk about the dogs and puppies on the phone, we still need to have your
thoughts and wishes in writing because it is way too easy to forget details of conversations or even worse yet blend two
conversation together from different phone calls.  At my age the only multi-tasking I am good at is loving on lots of puppies, at once.
Golden Labs Puppies