Golden Journeys
Paloma Knights
What's this "puppy" doing in here?
Long way to my ball!
Cayenne's favorite past time.....
I know you thought it would be playing the guitar
Golden Journeys
Sing It Again Silas
The name "Cayenne" came from a Beatle Instrumental.
Yes, the thought of a Porche Cayenne
was tempting, however.....
She leaves me speechless (
without words)
Get it? ~ Instrumental ~
Cayenne, is so much like her
mom and dad ~ Paloma & Silas.
She loves to play outside!
She is athletic and
loves to get dirty!
All the dogs love her ~  they know
a good time when they see one!
She is happy and so easy going,
her temperament is the
perfect combination of both her
mom and dad.
Her coat is a very light golden &
cream color,
She is on the smaller side,
at around 55-60 lbs.
That's MY Ball....
Golden Journeys She's Instrumental
~ - ~ - ~ - ~
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